Learning to dance can be a fun experience, some will learn faster than others and there is a few different forms of dance class types to choose from. The main types of lessons are Group Classes, Private Lessons and Online Lessons. We have written this guide with Latin and salsa dancing in mind but the same applies to most styles of dance.

Learning online

There are many online classes available these days to learn salsa. If you have someone you can practice with can be less intimidating for first time dancers and can be a more convenient way of learning. There are many good resources available these days and it is the cheapest of all the options.

We recommend the online courses at Dance Dojo. They have courses from absolute beginner all the way through to advanced and are very easy to follow. You can try a FREE class to see if this is for you.

(p.s. When selecting the free class: The man is the lead and the women is the follow. In general most cities will dance on1 style except for New York City and a few other regions which dance on2 style).


  • Free or very cheap to take lessons online.
  • Learn at your own pace.


  • Harder to learn if you do not have a partner to learn with.
  • Less social than all the other options.

Group Classes

Group classes are when there is a group of people in the one class. Usually it ranges from a small group of 4 or so all the way up to hundreds of people learning at the same time.


  • This is generally the cheapest option as the costs are split over many students at the one time.
  • These group classes are a fun and social way to learn and meet new people in the process.


  • Slower to learn for some people as the classes move at the pace of the group.
  • Having to dance with lots of strangers is not everyone’s thing.

Private classes

Private classes are a way you can learn at your own pace with one or two instructors putting all their attention on you. Although this is less social than group classes, lots of people find that they can learn faster in an environment where the lessons are tailored to them. Sometimes couples will do this together which can split the costs but this is generally a much more expensive method of learning as you are the only one in the class.


  • Generally learn faster than group classes.
  • Focus can be put on technique and getting steps right from the beginning.


  • Less social than group classes.
  • More expensive than group classes.

Visit our Latin Dance Classes page to find Latin and Salsa dancing classes near you to learn some new dancing skills.