Find the latest list of Latin Dance festivals and congresses in the UK in 2019 for Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Zouk and more.

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August 2019

No festivals found.

September 2019

MK Latin Dance Festival SEP14
London, UK
Map | 75975 Seen | Report Problem
Aberdeen AfroLatin Festival 3rd edition SEP20
Map | 69418 Seen | Report Problem
Isle of Man Salsa Festival 2nd Edition SEP27
Map | 58425 Seen | Report Problem

October 2019

Yorkshire Salsa Congress 2019 OCT11
Map | 47377 Seen | Report Problem

November 2019

LFNF Latin Force Newcastle Festival NOV01
Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Map | 24402 Seen | Report Problem

December 2019

No festivals found.

January 2020

Newcastle Salsa Congress JAN03
Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Map | 9476 Seen | Report Problem
Bristol Salsa Congress 2020 JAN10
Bristol, UK
Map | 10451 Seen | Report Problem
Scottish Salsa Congress JAN17
Edinburgh, Scotland
Map | 7798 Seen | Report Problem
ABCD – London’s Mega 3 Days Event JAN24
£5 OFF
London, UK
Map | 2963 Seen | Report Problem

February 2020

CARNAVAL Dance Festival FEB07
5% OFF
Dublin, Ireland
Map | 1685 Seen | Report Problem

March 2020

No festivals found.

April 2020

No festivals found.

May 2020

No festivals found.

June 2020

No festivals found.

July 2020

Scottish Sensual Fest JUL24
Edinburgh, Scotland
Map | 4098 Seen | Report Problem

August 2020

No festivals found.

September 2020

No festivals found.

October 2020

No festivals found.

November 2020

No festivals found.

December 2020

No festivals found.

January 2021

No festivals found.
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