Find the best Latin dancing festivals and congresses in Spain for 2018. Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Zouk and more...

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June 2018

No festivals found.

July 2018

Benidorm BK Congress 2018
Location: Spain
Benidorm BK Congress, C/Luis Prendes, Benidorm, Spain, 03502
Map | 19181 Seen
Benidorm Salsa Congress 2018
Location: Spain
Benidorm Salsa Congress, C/Luis Prendes 4, Benidorm, Spain, 03502
Map | 18793 Seen

August 2018

No festivals found.

September 2018

SalsaNor Rueda Congress 2018
Location: Malaga, Spain
Málaga, Málaga, Spain
Map | 24109 Seen

October 2018

Karga Kizomba Festival 2018
Location: Spain
Evenia Olympic Resort, Senora de Rossell, S/N, Lloret de Mar, Spain, 17310
Map | 18632 Seen
VII International Kizomba Open Festival 2018
Location: Madrid, Spain
Novotel Madrid Center, O'Donnell, 53, Madrid, Spain, 28009
Map | 13945 Seen

November 2018

IX Madrid SALSA Festival 2018
Location: Madrid, Spain
Carretera M-506, Km 9., 28922 Alcorcón
Map | 1490 Seen

December 2018

No festivals found.

January 2019

No festivals found.

February 2019

No festivals found.

March 2019

XIV Congreso de zouk y samba en Galícia 2019
Location: Spain
C/ Vigo s/n, Sanxenxo, Spain, 36960 Sangenjo
Map | 788 Seen

April 2019

No festivals found.

May 2019

No festivals found.

June 2019

No festivals found.

July 2019

No festivals found.

August 2019

No festivals found.

September 2019

No festivals found.

October 2019

No festivals found.

November 2019

No festivals found.