Los Angeles is incredibly popular for Latin Dancing, the huge array of live bands, thousands of amazing dancers and salsa clubs that have recognized names around the world make this an amazing place to dance every night of the week.

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    Arthur Murray Sherman Oaks
    Bachata, Cha-Cha, Salsa, Samba, Tango

    Festivals Near Here

    2021 Dallas Bachata Festival OCT14
    Dallas, USA
    Map | 83204 Seen | Report Problem
    West Palm SBK Fest 2021 OCT15
    Miami, USA
    Map | 70897 Seen | Report Problem
    BraZouky USA 2021 – DC's Brazilian Dance Festivalmel NOV05
    Washington DC, USA
    Map | 54667 Seen | Report Problem
    Viva La Bachata Festival MOBT NOV11
    Washington DC, USA
    Map | 25531 Seen | Report Problem