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Friday 20, October 2017

Kizomba BOMBA Weekend
Just&Lobby event center, Dunavska 74c, Belgrade, Serbia, 11000
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Saturday 21, October 2017

International Salsa Party
International Salsa Party, 7 MYRTLE SREET, Liverpool, United Kingdom, L7 7PD
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Sunday 22, October 2017

No events found.

Monday 23, October 2017

No events found.

Tuesday 24, October 2017

No events found.

Wednesday 25, October 2017

No events found.

Thursday 26, October 2017

No events found.
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Newcastle salsa congress 2018
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Newcastle, UK
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Liverpool’s SBK Fest 19-22 January 2018
Location: Liverpool, UK
Liverpool's SBK Fest Adelphi Hotel
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