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Sport & squashclub 'De Vaart', Kolonel Begaultlaan, 3012 Wilsele
Location: Leuven, Belgium

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Bachata, Cuban-Salsa, Salsa

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Bachata con Emoción offers bachata and salsa classes in LEUVEN

Liesje and Oscar (La Rubia y El Moreno) combine the three main bachata styles in their classes: bachata moderna, bachata dominicana and bachata sensual. Their positive energy will turn you into a confident dancer in no time. They focus on elegant combinations with good leading and following techniques, as well as both men’s and ladies styling. You can take classes as an absolute beginner (beginners is for you), if you have some experience (level 2 or 3) or if you’re a bachata pro looking to refine your skills (level 4).

Manith and Daisy bring you two levels of Rueda de Casino (Cuban style Salsa). Level 1 is for absolute beginners, both for people starting out with their first dance steps and for people new to Rueda. Level 2 is for the more advanced Rueda dancer. (Basic knowledge of rueda figures is advisable.)
Here you can get a short impression of what Rueda de Casino entails:

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