Find the best Salsa Dancing Workshops in Paris, France for 2020. Learn to dance like a pro and learn more skills in a Salsa Workshop...
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Bachata Bootcamp by Reda Dance & Laetitia Simon – 9 Fev 2020
100 avenue du Général Leclerc - Local 218, 93500 Pantin
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Level up Tarraxo G&L
Studio Nilanthi, 83 Rue Rébeval
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Grand stage lady styling Kizomba y Bachata CarolinAngelina
9, Chaussée Jules César, 95520 Osny
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Online Workshops

Milonga Workshop – Open Level
Learn how to find the beat, be more musical and improve your timing.
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Ladies night Special Bachata – vendredi Pachanga Paris
8, rue vandamme, 75014 Paris, France
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Soirée BELEZA edt. Tous En Blanc
86 avenue Henri Barbusse, 94460 Valenton, France
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Casino Pratique y su Galette des Rois Vol.2
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Les Vendredis Bachata / Cours & Soirée / Paris / gratuit*
Bons plans : Soirée Latino Paris, Soirée Bachata Paris, Soirée Salsa Paris
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Congresul National de Salsa 2020 JAN23
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Festival Salsa Cubana JAN24
Munich, Germany
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7th Suave Dance Festival Paris JAN24
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12th World Salsa Meeting 2020 JAN24
Milan, Italy
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