Find the best Salsa Dancing Workshops in Madrid, Spain for 2018. Learn to dance like a pro and learn more skills in a Salsa Workshop...
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Upcoming Workshops

Taller de Adornos, Pasos Libres y Figuras de la Salsa Cubana
FAMA la Escuela de Baile, Calle Antonia Ruiz Soro, 11, Madrid, Spain, 28028
Map | 543 Seen

Online Workshops

Milonga Workshop – Open Level
Learn how to find the beat, be more musical and improve your timing.
Read our review here.

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★★Kizomba Tonight★★Jueves 19 de Abril en la Sala Templo★★
Sala Templo Madrid, Bravo murillo 52, Madrid, Spain, 28003
Map | 136 Seen
★Remember Kizomba en The Host★Domingo 22/04/18★
The Host, C/ Ferraz nº 38, Madrid, Spain, 28008
Map | 228 Seen
Encuentro Kizombero de Castilla y León (Oferta de lanzamiento)
Hotel Camino Real Leon, Carretera Nacional N-601, León, Spain, 24227
Map | 282 Seen
★Puente de Mayo en The Host Kizomba Bisú★Domingo 29/04/2018★
The Host, C/ Ferraz nº 38, Madrid, Spain, 28008
Map | 86 Seen

Festivals Near Here

Voyage Tango A Catane – Sicile 2018
Location: France
Catania, Italy, Catania, Italy
Map | 20477 Seen
Festival de Cuba – 2nd Berlin Edition! + 5% OFF Promo Code
Discount Tickets
5% Discount on Passes
Location: Berlin, Germany
Kulturbrauerei Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 10435
Map | 609965 Seen
No Limit Festival – Marseille
Location: France
Chateau De La Roque Forcade, Peypin, France, 13720
Map | 19518 Seen
9th Warsaw Kizomba Festival 2018
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw, Poland, Warsaw, Poland
Map | 18249 Seen