Find the best Salsa Dancing Workshops in Lisbon, Portugal for 2020. Learn to dance like a pro and learn more skills in a Salsa Workshop...
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Milonga Workshop – Open Level
Learn how to find the beat, be more musical and improve your timing.
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Soirée Moulin Rouge! Sab 25 Jan, 17h & Workshop 15h-17h, PAC BAR
Estrada da Gibalta 18, Piso 1, 2760-062 Caxias, Lisboa, Portugal
Map | 762 Seen | Report Problem
River SNOW Party ❆ Sábado 25 Janeiro no Barrio Latino
Rua da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa, a Santos - Armazem I (edifício 78), 1200-648 Lisbon, Portugal
Map | 2409 Seen | Report Problem
Compassos Afrolatinos19ª edição
Rua Major Afonso Pala nº54 Setúbal
Map | 6187 Seen | Report Problem
Palladium Night Braga – Vinyl Edtion – Lustre 25 Janeiro 2019
Escola de Dança Lustre
Map | 6116 Seen | Report Problem

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Congresul National de Salsa 2020 JAN23
Map | 49874 Seen | Report Problem
Festival Salsa Cubana JAN24
Munich, Germany
Map | 50526 Seen | Report Problem
7th Suave Dance Festival Paris JAN24
Map | 28798 Seen | Report Problem
12th World Salsa Meeting 2020 JAN24
Milan, Italy
Map | 24737 Seen | Report Problem