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Milonga Workshop – Open Level
Learn how to find the beat, be more musical and improve your timing.
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LS July/August 2019 Dance Session
Latin Street Music & Dancing - 600 W Roosevelt, Chicago, Illinois 60607
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Official Live Band Soirée de Salsa Wednesday Drake
The Drake Hotel - 140 E Walton Pl, Chicago, Illinois 60611
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HotOn1Salsa 13th Year Anniversary Party at Abram Gale
Abram Gale Bar & Grill - 2366 N Neva Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60707
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Live Salsa Saturday @ Club 118/Dylan’s
Dylans Tavern & Grill, 118 S Clinton St, Chicago, IL, United States, 60661-3628
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Festivals Near Here

Evolution dance festival AUG15
South Carolina, USA
Map | 131901 Seen | Report Problem
Boston Salsa Festival 2019 AUG16
Boston, USA
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DCBX #11 “Redefining Your Latin Dance Experience” AUG22
$19 OFF
Washington DC, USA
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2019 New York International Salsa Congress AUG29
20% OFF
New York City, USA
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