GoDanz Back To Basics Workshop
Sunday, 31 March 2019
805 Dovercourt Road, Toronto, ON, Canada
Location: Toronto, Canada
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GoDanz Back To Basics Workshop

Back to Basics. For ADVANCED SOCIAL dancers! Test your knowledge.

AT GoDanz we teach a minimum of 12 signature moves between kizomba and semba. Know the identity of the dances. From there, you can add your personality, loops, changes of direction.
Then you can use these figures to dance urban kiz.
Otherwise it's fusion dance, not Urban Kiz.

There is a lot of identity and personality in the figures. Feel confident that you know them and can adapt to any music you hear on a 'kizomba' dance floor.

*If you are an advanced BEGINNER, this workshop will be pretty overwhelming. There is a lot to cover in only 2 hours.
**This will not cover accentuation, movement, styling or urban kiz. It will cover posture however. We will move quickly and depending on our time, get into the 2nd round of fundamentals and/or variations (yes, there are more than 12 basics), or fundamental tricks.

$20 includes the socials. Add $5 if you'd like to do our level 2 variations at 5pm.
All at Dovercourt House!
Taught by Stephanie of GoDanz

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