Cole From UK Bachata Workshop In HK
Saturday, 15 June 2019
Location: Hong Kong
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Cole From UK Bachata Workshop In HK

Cole is back!
Bachata workshop and party with Cole Lockley from England

15 Jun
20:00-22:00 2 hours workshop
22:00 onwards bachata- kizomba-zouk party

To enroll, please contact
Iris 90900372 or Yvonne 93278601

Limited time lots for private class available too!

Cole was born and raised in England where he studied different dances but had no plan to become a professional. It wasn’t until he arrived in Dalian, China that he found his passion for bachata and salsa. Since then Cole has taught in many cities throughout China, and even gone on to teach in other countries, including Hong Kong, South Korea and England. He loves to keep his classes upbeat with lots of development, but also maintain a fun and exciting atmosphere!

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