Vancity International Salsa Bachata Kizomba Festival 2019
Friday, 01 March 2019
4331 Dominion Street, Burnaby, British Columbia V5G 1C7
Hosted by Vancitysbk
Location: Vancouver, Canada
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Vancity International Salsa Bachata Kizomba Festival 2019

Come be a part of Vancouver’s biggest and baddest Salsa Bachata Kizomba Dance Festival!




Watch multitime world champions wow you to live performances with elaborate costumes and creative, award winning choreographies.


**Amazing talents**





Learn Musicality, Techniques, Combinations, Body Movement, Choreographies, Dance Etiquette and Much More. Taught by exclusive talents such as multitime world champions and 'so-you-think-you-can-dance' choreographers.


**A Full Program of Workshops per Dance Genre**



Be the Party


After being inspired by international jaw dropping performances and amazing workshops, practice your new dance moves till the break of dawn.


**FOUR Dedicated Rooms with rotating DJ's spinning Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Cuban Salsa/Zouk** 


7 DJs spinning simultaneously: 

Salsa, Bachata, Sensual Bachata, Kizomba, Urban Kiz, interchangeably Cuban and Zouk, and Party Music 


2019 High Caliber Line Up:


Rodrigo Cortazar (Spain) 

Bersy Cortez (Spain) 

Jorjet Alcocer (Houston) 

Benny Ayala (Portland)

Ashley Magana (Portland)

Cadence (Toronto)

Ivette Bogarin (Mexico) 

Edwin Ferreras (DR/NY)

Dakota Romero (NY)

Carlos and Chloe (Australia)

Geo and Kim (Toronto) 

Tony Pirata (France)

Lydia Laprade (France) 

Eliza Sala (The Netherlands)

Oscar BA (Washington)

Javier Avitia (San Diego)

Jay Gonzales (LA)

Natalia Bonafin & Davy (Toronto)

Xtine (Seattle)

Chaca (Colombia)

Kylee (Victoria)

Kristal & Wayne (Vancouver)


DJ Ricky Campanelli (Montreal)

DJ Yambu (Seattle) 

DJ Sisco (Toronto)

DJ Javi (San Diego)

DJ Baconao (Vancouver)

DJ Ángel (Toronto) 

DJ Felix (Seattle)

DJ Elegua (Vancouver)

DJ Kubanito (Vancouver)

DJ Muñeco Callejero (Vancouver)

DJ Oscar BA (Washington)

DJ El Gato (Vancouver)


And many more exclusive talents! 



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