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11th Alocubano Salsa Festival 2021 Stockholm OCT07
Stockholm, Sweden
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Rincón De La Música: Weekend Alocubano
Saturday, 01 May 2021
Fräntorpsgatan 10, Gothenburg, Sweden
Location: Goteborg, Sweden
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Rincón De La Música: Weekend Alocubano

Welcome to Rincón de la Música 🇨🇺🪘
Special Edition: Weekend Alocubano!
🔥 Special Guest: YOYOFLOW y su Newstyle Dance Company
🔥 Special Guest: Javier Cubano
Cultura & Sabrosura!
This is your unique chance to spend a weekend with Top Cuban Artists.
✅ 7 Marvellous Workshops with Yoyo & Javier with Live Music 🎺🪘🎷🥁
✅ Caliente Cuban Party
✅ Intensive Choreo Bootcamp
✅ Phenomenal Surprises
💥 YoyoFlow visits us with his dancers from Newstyle Dance Company
💥 Javier is one of the most professional Cuban dancers who has just moved to Sweden
Do not miss your chance!
✔ musicality with Live Music
✔ new exclusive knowledge
✔ you can win a ticket to the 11th Alocubano Salsa Festival 2021 Stockholm 07-10 October
✔ and much more
Choreo Bootcamp with YoyoFlow:
🔥 4 intensive hours of training
🔥 Exclusive knowledge
🔥 Show with Yoyo at Alocubano Salsa Festival 2021: Noche de Gala
🔥 Limited to 20 participants only


- Yoyo Flow y su Newstyle Dance Company
- Javier Cubano

Confirmed DJs

- DJ Raymon

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