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Oslo Forro Festival 2019 – Alegria Do Norte
Thursday, 29 August 2019
Mariboes gate 8, 0183 Oslo, Norway
Location: Oslo, Norway
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Oslo Forro Festival 2019 – Alegria Do Norte

The festival ‘Alegria do Norte‘ (Happiness of the North) is a biannual event of Brazilian culture based in Oslo, Norway. The festival represents a music and dance style called forró, which is rapidly gaining popularity outside of Brazil. It combines live music, DJs, performers, workshops and other activities and, of course, the dancers, spectators and fans all around a common interest of culture, music and dance.
During three days in different places in Oslo various activities will take place, which are both open to the public and for festival ticket-holders. Between them concerts by local, European and Brazilian musicians, classes of dance (forró and samba) by the best local and international teachers, classes of percussion, classes of Capoeira for children and other activities will make this weekend unforgettable.

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