Los Angeles Kizomba Festival (1st Edition) 2018
Friday, 06 July 2018
The Queen Mary Hotel, Long Beach, CA, United States, 90806
Location: Los Angeles, USA
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Los Angeles Kizomba Festival (1st Edition) 2018

First time in Los Angeles,
L.A. Kizomba Congress: Featuring:
Eliza Sala: Queen of Kizomba and Ginga (Europe)
Stéphane Congo (Germany)
Tino Langa (Africa)
Dj Paraïso Barros (France)
DJ Peter (U.S.A)
Esther Martigues (Europe)

Don't forget to post below, the video of the Teacher you'll love to see at the #LosAngelesKizombCongress
We'll select the artists in the video with the most likes and we'll bring them to you at the #LosAngelesKizombaCongress

Best video will be announced...August 31st.

Here is the rule:
1- Post the video on the Event Page at this link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1905734829656466

-- and convince your friends to like the video. Artists in the Video with the most likes (by August 31st) will be invited on your behalf. No matter where they live, we'll make sure they'll come at the #LosAngelesKizombaCongress and teach y'all :-)

And the best of all, #YouWillGetAFreePrivate lesson with them 😻😻😻😻😻 — feeling excited.

...And yes, our local teachers will be there too, to spice up the party and show you their latest moves :-)

+ the list goes on...
- 3 days of Kizomba Magic, Networking, Workshops and Competitions!
- 30 hours of dance & musicality workshops
- Parties until 5AM Everyday
- Best Kizomba Instructors in the World.
- Ladies Styling, Musicality & Kizomba Connection Workshops
- Kizomba Rootz Competition: $1000 Prize for the Winner
- International Media Coverages (Yes, you will be bradcasted around the world, on National TV channels)...
This will be the largest Kizomba Congress in the U.S.A, with artists coming form all 5 Continents, to celebrate this wonderful Dance, that brings so much peace and love to the World.

Early Birds:
Early birds passes still available for the Los Angeles Kizomba Festival 1st Edition 100% #Kizomba #Taraxha #Semba

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