Busan Salsa Bachata Festival 2018 + $15 USD OFF Promo Code
Friday, 07 September 2018
부산광역시 해운대구 해운대 해변로 310 (중동, Busan, South Korea 612-010
Location: Busan, South Korea
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Busan Salsa Bachata Festival 2018 + $15 USD OFF Promo Code

[3rd Busan Salsa Bachata Festival 2018 Korea] is coming up!!!!
September 7-9, 2018


[3Day Latin Dance Festival]
18+ Workshops / 40+ Shows / 2 Ocean view Dance halls (Salsa&Bachata) / Theme Parties / 3 Bootcamps / The first vinyl latin music festival in Aisa and much more!

[Confirmed Artists]
●Grupo Alafia (Italy)
●Jorge&Maria (Mexico)
●Ernesto lopez(Mexico)
●Ricardo&Danya (Mexico)
●Willy Arey (Mexico)
●Sara Milan (Spain)
●Fadi Fusion (Spain)
●Mari Yogo (Japan)
●Inho&Michelle (Korea&Singapore)
●Nari Shin (China/Korea)
●Calvin&Mandy (Taiwan)

[Performance Team]
●NB Salsa (China)
●Zafire Ladies (Japan)
●Fadi’s China Bootcamp Team
●Mambo latte
●Salsa libre ladies
●2018 BSBF project
●El baile
●Hala Dancers
●Los veloces
●New Salsa
●Top Bachata

■ DJ Freeman (Korea)
■ DJ Saoko (USA)
■ DJ Hiro (Japan)
■ DJ Jems

[MC] Cara

■Bachata : Ricarda&Danya
■Salsa Shine: Willy Arey
■Lady styling: Mari Yogo

[Passes] www.bsbfkorea.com

[Contact Us]
●Karina Park (82)10-2584-3699
●Web: www.bsbfkorea.com
●Email: [email protected]
●Facebook: www.facebook.com/busansalsabachatafestival

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