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BailaMar Bachata Camp October 2019
Saturday, 12 October 2019
Dominican Republic
Location: Dominican Republic
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BailaMar Bachata Camp October 2019

2 weeks Bachata holidays in the Dominican Republic with full immersion to authentic culture, music and dance.
In comparison to bachata festivals, bachata camp has a family feeling. We work in small groups up to 15 people, leave together, travel around the country, pay a lot of attention to the quality of education and the results that our students reach. But the same time it is fun and full of new experience!

In BailaMar Bachata Camp program:
* About 30 hours of dance classes: bachata, merengue, bolero, music etc.
* Paradise beaches! Different every day!
* Local parties every night!
* Exploring Dominican Republic from different sides:
beautiful nature with its calm or wavy ocean, forests, waterfalls, caves, animals
real Caribbean life as it is
culture, history and music, food an drinks
All about the Dominican Republic in one tour!

All details and booking on


Maria BailaMar
Rodolfo Montano Castro
Juan Pablo Paredes
Leonel Paulino
Luis Miguel de la Cruz
and more...

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