With a huge Hispanic population Miami is one of the hot spots around the globe for Salsa dancing. There is a huge range of Latin Dance clubs and dance schools to choose from so this makes it the perfect place to get out there and start dancing.

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    Classes Near Here

    Kings Dance Studios
    Cuban-Salsa, Salsa
    Salsa Fever Miami
    Bachata, Salsa
    Salsa Lovers®
    Bachata, Cha-Cha, Cuban-Salsa, Kizomba, Mambo, Salsa

    Festivals Near Here

    Golden Tango Fest JAN21
    Tampa, Florida, USA
    Map | 38210 Seen | Report Problem
    The 21st Chicago International Salsa Congress FEB17
    Chicago, USA
    Map | 31485 Seen | Report Problem
    8th Annual L.A. Kizomba Weekend FEB18
    Los Angeles, USA
    Map | 25018 Seen | Report Problem
    Alaska Salsa Festival FEB18
    Anchorage, USA
    Map | 9598 Seen | Report Problem