Melbourne has a thriving Latin dance scene. What makes it special from most cities is the huge range of live Latin music available for dancers. The dance scene is large and has a range of events running most days of the week.

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    Bachata, Cuban-Salsa, Salsa

    Festivals Near Here

    Australian Bachata Championship 2021 OCT01
    Sydney, Australia
    Map | 149684 Seen | Report Problem
    Bachata Melbourne All Stars 2021 OCT15
    Melbourne, Australia
    Map | 308859 Seen | Report Problem
    Byron Latin Fiesta 2021 NOV04
    Byron Bay, Australia
    Map | 150616 Seen | Report Problem
    BraZouky USA 2021 – DC's Brazilian Dance Festival NOV05
    Melbourne, Australia
    Map | 191309 Seen | Report Problem