137 Smith St (upstairs) Fitzroy, Victoria 3065
Hosted by Somigo Dance
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Styles Offered

Bachata, Cuban-Salsa, Kizomba, Salsa, Zouk

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Class Information

Bachata Corazon Team presents...

Sensual BACHATA CORAZON Tuesdays!

Want to learn how to dance? Looking for a fun, new hobby and a chance to make new friends? Maybe you are a salsa dancer looking to try its sexier more intimate cousin bachata? Experienced bachata dancers, if you've been dancing 8-12 months and have your basics on point we also have an advanced class for you!

Come have some fun with us!

6:00 - 6:15pm: FREE class for absolute beginners to learn the fundamental and the basic of bachata.

6:15 - 7:00pm: Level 1 (Rookies & Beginners) Basic steps, timing, holds, turns, common moves and variations, lead and follow signals, dance floor etiquette and safety tips. First-timers welcome!

7:00 - 8:00pm: level 2 (Intermediate) Popular leadable social floor moves as well as some unique variations, turn patterns, leading and following techniques, footwork, ladies' styling, intro to changes in timing, intro to musicality, intro to sensual moves, etiquette, safety tips. More time spent on breaking down level 2 moves.

We encourage beginners to give level 2 a go after a few weeks and do both classes at a discount. We recommend a minimum of at least 6-8 months of regular level 2 attendance before attempting level 3 for your own benefit as well as others'.

8:00 - 9:00pm: level 3 (advanced) sensual/modern bachata, partner connection, body rolls, waves, isolations, body manipulations, sexy ladies' styling technique, playing with the timing, more complex turn patterns and dips.

This class is catered to dancers already comfortable socially dancing bachata on time and safely so we can move the class at a faster pace. Easier moves and footwork won’t be broken down in the same detail as in level 2 so that more time can be spent on breaking down the more intricate advanced moves. Been dancing bachata for a year? Try it! Again, we encourage anyone who might be struggling in class to do both level 2 + 3 at a discount.

9:00 - midnight: YUP, you read that right! 3 HOURS of PARTY TIME with the latest modern bachata and of course, SENSUAL bachata music !!


Level 1 - $10 + FREE social

Level 2 - $15 + FREE social

Level 1 & 2 - $20 + FREE social

Level 3 - $15 + FREE social

Level 2 & 3 - $25 + FREE social


3 HOURS of nonstop social dancing! Seriously who does this?

Feel free to send in song requests. Romeo Santos, Toby Love, the latest sensual pop bachata remixes, we've got you covered!

***BRING CASH PLEASE*** (ATMs located on Fitzroy St)

No need to bring a partner as partners rotate in class.

Join any week, content will be revisited every few months.

Celebrating your birthday? Looking for a work group activity? Send us a message and we'll look after you =)


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