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Casino can be danced one-on-one (partner danced), or it can be danced as a group.
The group form is called Rueda de Casino (Rueda for short); this is what the class will focus on, as many of the calls in the Rueda can be led one-on-one.

You will learn:
Basic footwork
Calls and partner exchanges that are common in most areas of the world

This 4-week series repeats every month!



For those with previous experience in Casino and Rueda de Casino, we'll delve more into the partnering aspect of Casino, as well as get into more complicated vueltas (turns) and calls.

Here's what we'll cover in this class:
*Refine what you've learned in my previous classes
*Basics of leading and following
*Introduction to higher-level turns and group calls
*Introduction to more group moves you probably haven't seen yet
*No partner necessary

This 4-week series repeats every month.

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